Caring Child

Our Curriculum

We follow the British National curriculum and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a strong emphasis on creativity, social and emotional development, messy play, creativity through movement and dance, decision making, self expression, motivation, inspiring creativity, sense of purpose and problem solving with children following their natural curiosity.  

Our early childhood educators create safe and secure classrooms reflecting the needs of our most precious beings, and promote the importance of wellbeing and mindfulness alongside our thematic approach to learning, adding that sparkle and wonder.

The curriculum will help develop your child's physical skills, problem-solving and creative thinking skills as well as responsibility, independence, confidence and self-worth, preparing them for their important journey towards 'big school'.

Our early literature program is delivered with the aid of the Oxford Reading Tree and the Jolly Phonics programs, with a great deal of emphasis on preparing our children for their primary years, helping them become global citizens, igniting their passion.

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We love getting messy
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