Our Classes & Fees

Tuition Fees for 2021 / 22

Bringing Stories for Life! (DB Campus)
(for little ones 16 months old - 2 years old)


Days: Tuesdays

Time: 2.30pm – 3.15pm

Age: 16-month-olds - 2 year olds


Every Tuesday from 2.30pm - 3.15pm children are invited to become part of classic stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, where they can experience a sensory walk filled with grass, water, mud, etc. or “The Three Little Pigs” where they have fun building their own houses from straw, sticks and play bricks, get messy with a fun sensory activity tub filled with gooey melted chocolate ice-cream with pigs in it, and so much more!


The sessions are just HK$100.

Playgroup (adult accompanied)
Discovery Bay - for little ones from 18 months old - 2 years old
Clearwater Bay - for little ones from 12 months old - 2 years old

Image by Marisa Howenstine

Our Playgroup classes add fun, sparkle and wonder to a little one's inquisitive mind, through creativity, exploration, observation, messy play and music and movement. We'll help build your child's communication skills with our magical themes, encourage positive peer interaction and provide wonderful opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor development. 

Playgroup is perfect for your curious toddler, who'll feel safe in the environment with their familiar accompanying adult. We'll ignite their love of learning with our thematic approach, Teddy Bear's Picnics, outdoor play, and everything else we have in store, including Mandarin. 

Playgroup fees are HK$2800 and HK$3800 per month for two / three mornings per week.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am - 10.30am and due to popular demand, the DB Campus will be conducting NEW Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday classes from 11am - 12.30pm, from 6th September.

Discovery Bay - 'Stepping Stones' classes for 2-3 year olds (unaccompanied)
Clearwater Bay - Pre-Nursery classes for 2-3 year olds (unaccompanied)

Image by Taylor Heery

Two-year-olds are delightfully curious. They love to push buttons, wiggle their bodies and use all their senses to figure out how things work. Our play-based sessions are wonderful for your little one as the emphasis is on creativity, social and emotional development, messy play, music and movement, self expression, motivation, and a sense of purpose following their natural curiosity in an engaging and playful way.

We add sparkle and wonder to inquisitive minds with fun, familiar and engaging themes such as "Madagascar" and "Finding Nemo", and we believe that learning happens outside the classroom too - on the beach and at our allotment.

The Stepping Stones sessions in Discovery Bay will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-11am for HK$3100 per month, and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-11am for HK$3850 per month.

The Pre-Nursery sessions in Clearwater Bay are conducted Monday through Friday from 9am - 12pm at a cost of HK$6400 per month, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at HK$3850 per month.

Pre-School - for 3-6 year olds (unaccompanied)

Image by Jonathan Borba

Pre-Schoolers learn best through exploring and use all of their senses to understand their world. They are endlessly curious, and you may start to hear that classic question, “Why?”. Their vocabulary is rapidly expanding, and they love to hear stories and use their imagination. 

As part of the EYFS ethos, we'll promote your child's independence, inspire literacy and numeracy and will help them make independent decisions. We'll spark their understanding of the world with our thematic approach, their passion for expressive arts and design, and strengthen their love for physical development, and personal, social and emotional development.

Fees are HK$6400 per month, Monday through Friday from 9am - 12pm and if you'd prefer your child to start off doing three days a week, the fees are HK$4230 per month.


Discovery Bay: 1-06, 1/F, 92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay North, Discovery Bay. Tel: 2185-6134

Clearwater Bay: Level 7, Silverstrand Mart, 2 Silver Cape Rd, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung. Tel: 2185 6135